Rafferty’s Homework

Updated 2/7


Note Reading

Ear Training


  • We are aiming for recording River on Friday this week, and I’m hoping be able to have the Holiday Recital video done by Monday.
  • His sight-reading skills and working knowledge of theory have grown exponentially in the last few months, and I’m really excited to continue seeing his progress! 🙂


  • I haven’t chosen a date for our spring recital yet (probably April/May), but the theme will be the original “Night at the Movies” we were preparing for pre-pandemic. I’m aiming to do a “virtual” performance for this recital as well 🎞🎶
  • I’d love to start thinking about choosing new piece(s) or deciding if we’re going to resurrect and perfect our old ones.
  • As we get further down the road, please let me know if there are questions I can answer, or anything I can do to help make Raff’s recital a success!