Rafferty’s Homework

Updated 11/15


Note Reading

Ear Training


  • We started learning the first page of River by Joni Mitchell this week.
  • His sightreading skills have grown exponentially in the last few months, and I’m really excited to continue seeing his progress!


  • Rafferty has chosen River as his piece for our holiday recital (Thanks for the suggestion, Leah!) He learns exceptionally well from rote memorization, but is doing a great job with reading this so far!
  • Due to COVID, in lieu of a traditional recital with 100+ attendees, we will be doing a “virtual” performance this year. I will be meeting with students individually in December to record a video of their piece, and then editing a movie compilation of everyone’s performances.
  • I am encouraging students to dress up for their recording, and would love to see Rafferty’s festive creativity. A Xmas sweater or something of the sort would be great! 🦌🎄
  • Please let me know if there questions I can answer, or anything I can do to help make Raff’s recital piece a success!