Here are a few questions I commonly receive about music lessons! Feel free to contact me if you would like further information.

How have you handled the COVID-19 pandemic?

My studio closed to all in-person lessons from March 2020 through early Summer in 2021. Now that my household is fully vaccinated, I have resumed in-studio lessons with precautionary measures. As with most small businesses, it was a really challenging year and I am grateful that I am able to see my students again.

What COVID-19 precautions are you currently taking?

I sanitize instruments and desk surfaces in between students, and also ask that everyone entering my office use hand sanitizer. I also encourage all parents to teach their kids appropriate safety precautions such as regular hand washing and covering their mouths with an arm or tissue when having to cough or sneeze. Please let me know if you would like me to wear a mask during your or your student’s lesson, I am more than happy to make any possible accommodations. Students with colds are not permitted in the studio, and remote lessons or makeup assignment activities will be given if necessary.

What instruments do you teach?

I presently teach beginning to intermediate lever harp, piano, voice, and ukulele lessons in-person at my downtown Boise studio, as well as remotely via FaceTime and Zoom.

“Music gives a soul to the universe.”

– Plato

What is unique about studying music at Songbird Creative studio?

I firmly believe in providing my students a comprehensive musical education through a proper foundation in technique, music theory, aural training, and music history. These skills are all important for developing well-rounded, knowledgable musicians. As students advance through my curriculum they will learn how to express themselves through artistic performance, and also learn how to create their own music through improvisation and composition.

Why is it important to study music?

Check out this TED-ed talk for the answer to this one.

What is the best age to take music lessons?

I accept students as young as 4-5 years old, depending on the instrument choice, as well as their level of emotional, mental, and physical readiness. I do require that young students show an interest in music lessons, be able to read and understand the alphabet, have a grasp of numbers and basic counting, be able to listen and follow simple directions, as well as have fine motor skills and basic hand-eye coordination. It is also crucial that parents be ready to provide help and support to young students. Your involvement and support is necessary to develop a daily practice routine and to keep them motivated in their studies.

That being said, it is never too late to start learning music! Beginning students may be accepted from age 4 – 104. Check out my resources page for articles and more information about taking music lessons.

Do I need my own instrument?

YES, absolutely! It is crucial to any study of music for students to have regular access to their instrument of choice. For the earliest beginners of piano, a digital keyboard can be acceptable if it has weighted keys, but an acoustic piano is preferable and will be required after an initial period of study. Affordable instruments can be found for purchase everywhere from Craigslist to one of our affiliated local businesses, Dunkley Music, which includes the cost of delivery and tuning with the sale of all pianos. Acoustic pianos do require tuning once to twice a year, which can be scheduled through many local providers, including Dunkley. I am also pleased to announce that my harp students are able to receive a discount on monthly rental of lever harps from Dunkley Music.

How much do music lessons cost?

Tuition for weekly music lessons is set at an annual rate, which is divided into 12 equal monthly payments. Tuition remains the same each month and is based on enrollment, reserving your child’s exclusive lesson time during the year, whether he/she is able to attend a lesson or not. Please see our studio calendar for more information on the academic schedule. Please contact me for information regarding tuition rates for 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons. Discounts may be given to groups of students or families booking larger time slots. Scholarships may be available for students or families in need of assistance.

Why is the annual tuition divided into 12 equal monthly payments?

Teaching music is my primary career and livelihood. Setting an annual tuition rate allows me to have a regular year-round income, and makes it easy for students to budget knowing exactly what to expect each month. The annual tuition rate provides so much more than private lessons each year – it also includes student incentives, professional development for the instructor, discounted rates on instrument rentals from Dunkley Music, and more.  Please keep in mind for every hour enrolled in piano lessons, I am investing an average of 2-3 hours of my time outside of my regular teaching schedule. All of this allows me to provide my students with the best musical education I can offer.

What is the studio calendar schedule for monthly lessons?

You can find the annual schedule for lessons at the studio here. Calendar is subject to change due to instructor availability.

What events and opportunities does the studio provide for students? 

Studio Recitals – Performing in a formal recital setting is an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their hard work and improvement over the year in the presence of family and friends.  This year’s recital location is TBD.

Examinations – Students are welcome to participate in annual evaluation of performance, theory, and sight-reading through Idaho’s music program of choice, “The Certificate of Achievement Program”. These opportunities do require entry fees. Please contact me for further information.