Studio Policies

Upon signing up for lessons, the student/parent will be asked to complete an enrollment form which requires a signature acknowledging receipt of and agreement to the studio Policies & Procedures. By signing, you agree to respect and abide by the studio’s current policies as long as the student is taking lessons with the instructor.

General Information

Weekly private lessons are offered in 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions, depending on the student’s age and skill level.


Lessons are held year-round, meeting at the same day and time each week unless other arrangements are made. Students are expected to attend all lessons as scheduled, as that time slot has been reserved for them. Students who are too ill to attend school should not attend lessons, however can still participate in their regular time slot online through FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts. Lessons are continued through the summer months, as there is crucial value in year-round education. There are typically 9 weeks a year that scheduled lessons are not provided. Please see the posted studio calendar for the most current teaching schedule.


Tuition reserves your weekly time slot, and also covers the cost of instruction, lesson planning, studio rent, sole-proprietorship taxes, studio insurance, incentive materials, instrument costs & maintenance, studio materials & technology, professional memberships, and more. Tuition rates are based on a calendar of 43 weekly lessons, which is divided into 12 equal payments. Tuition is due in monthly installments by the first of the month, no later than the first lesson of the month. Monthly invoices are provided a week before tuition is due to ensure timely payments. Tuition may be paid via online invoice, cash, or check, and is nonrefundable. Returned checks require a $30 NSF fee.


Students will be given a practice journal at their first lesson, which will be used to track assignments and goals for each week. Students are responsible for the cost of all other learning materials including method books, supplemental repertoire, apps, etc. Please make sure to bring all music and assigned learning materials to maximize scheduled lesson time.

In Studio

Students are expected to arrive for lessons on time with all their materials and music, and to knock on the studio door at their arrival. Please ensure that students have clean hands and nails prior to lesson time. During lessons, parents and siblings may quietly peruse the waiting area, wait in their vehicle, or run errands so long as they return to pick up their student in a timely fashion.


Setting aside time for consistent practice has an enormous impact on a student’s skill level and enjoyment of music. Effective practice includes focused playing at a slow tempo, careful attention to detail, active listening, and self-assessment. Students are required to practice at least 4-5 days a week, at the minimum time requirement set by the instructor. Parents of students are required to sign the weekly practice journal to ensure that assignments are completed, and are expected to be supportive, active participants in practice at home. Please keep in mind that acoustic instruments kept at home require regular tuning and maintenance.

Makeup Lessons

Remote lessons and makeup work are available to students if they cannot attend their scheduled lesson time in person. Students may elect to reschedule absences during the week they are missed, but makeup lessons are not guaranteed due to limited availability. Lessons not previously scheduled off by the instructor will be rescheduled or credit will be given toward the next month’s tuition.


Monthly updates will be emailed or texted to parents with lesson summaries and progress updates. Parents are welcome to discuss student progress during the first five minutes of the student’s lesson – but not after lessons, in order to respect the instructor’s schedule. Text messages, emails, and phone calls from students are always welcome during the week if they have questions regarding their assignments or other matters.


The instructor offers a credit of $25 towards your next month’s tuition as a thank you when you refer a new student who registers and remits payment for their first month of lessons.

Discontinuing Lessons

One month’s notice is required prior to discontinuing lessons, which allows time to wrap up current projects and discuss how students will continue their future goals in music. This also allows the instructor to fill your scheduled time slot without loss of income. Students may be dismissed for unpaid tuition, an excess of unprepared lessons, or lack of interest. Please see instructor for withdrawal form.


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