“Jordan has a contagious enthusiasm which changed my son’s approach to piano lessons. A naturally anxious kid, his concern for ‘perfection’ had to be overcome, and Jordan was able to quickly adapt her lesson and approach to inspire a love for playing. Her flexibility, patience and playfulness make her a great teacher for beginning students!”

– Jenni J. (parent)

“Mom, do you know why I love music so much? I feel it in my heart. I could just play the piano forever…”

– Charlotte (student, age 6)

“My 7-year old daughter has been taking piano lessons from Jordan for almost three years. She looks forward to her lesson each week, mainly because she can ‘earn stars to redeem for prizes!’ As a parent, I think Jordan has a great talent and level of patience for making lessons fun, inviting and enjoyable for kids of any age. I really love the music theory books she chose because they are kid-friendly and one at a reasonable pace. It’s not easy to keep young children motivated to learn challenging skills, but Jordan creates a safe and relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend her studio to anyone interested in trying out music lessons! The location and price is exactly right!”

– Kristi R. (parent)
“Jordan is amazing and my kid has made huge strides during his lessons with her. She manages to make it super fun for him and he always leaves smiling and proud of himself.
My 6 year old’s review: Jordan is really good at piano and even knows how to help me play Star Wars!! She’s really nice!”
– Julia C. (parent)

“I’ve been taking lessons from Jordan for about four months, after taking lessons a couple decades ago. I was looking for a teacher that would help teach the music theory lacking from my original lessons, and reteach everything I’ve forgotten. Jordan is a great teacher! Really enthusiastic and encouraging, really knows her stuff. I was nervous about getting back into this as an adult, but she is a great teacher for all ages.”

– Chris S. (student)

“Jordan is an amazing teacher! Her skill level, patience and encouragement are superior, even with seniors like me who are looking to learn to read music at this late stage! Highly recommend!”

– Lisa B. (student)