Welcome to Songbird Creative! My name is Jordan, and I am a small-business owner and amateur philanthropist who dedicates her life to inspiring creativity in others. I strive to be an active member of our community and love being involved in the endeavors of local non-profits and organizations that support the arts and humanitarian causes. My best friend and partner-in-creativity is my chihuahua, Jackson, who comes with me to my downtown studio, the radio station, bicycling, camping, and just about anywhere in the world that he can tag along. This website is home to my studio for private music instruction and I hope you enjoy having a look around!

About Jackson

Hometown: The Idaho Humane Society
Spirit Animal: The Energizer Bunny
Go-to road trip food: Banana chips
Favorite movie: The Adventures of Milo & Otis
Favorite book: The Little Prince
Favorite instrument: Theramin
Dream destination: Anywhere with sunshine & fuzzy blankets
Guilty pleasure: Clothes – This little guy loves his t-shirts and sweaters
Non-blog hobby: Station mascot at Radio Boise KRBX 89.9FM
Childhood hero: Clifford the Big Red Dog
Life goal: Being friends with everyone he meets, even the squirrels


About Jordan

Hometown: Disney World
Spirit Animal: Caterpillar
Go-to road trip food: Trader Joe’s seaweed snacks & coconut strips
Favorite movie: The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Favorite book: The Teachings of Don Juan
Favorite instrument: Harp
Dream destination: New Zealand
Guilty pleasure: Collecting rocks & houseplants
Non-blog hobby: Co-hosting the Rabble Rouser Show on KRBX 89.9FM
Childhood hero: Jacques Cousteau
Life goals: Traveling the world and urban homesteading to the max – Honeybees, chickens, bunnies & more!!

Education & Musical Background

As the daughter of elementary school and college teachers, I was lucky to have parents who valued my music education. I began studying classical music at age 5 on the piano, and started studying the harp at age 8. As an avid vocalist, I participated in Honors Choir and the Florida Vocal Associations’s All-State Choir at secondary school. I have many years teaching experience, and have been a private instructor at Old Boise Music Studios for almost 10 years. I am working towards double majoring an AA in Business and Liberal Arts at CWI, and finishing a BA in Music Business and Performance with a Minor in Marketing at BSU. I am also a student of the International Harp Therapy Academy in pursuit of a Music Therapy Certification. I actively seek to further my professional development as a teacher through collegiate study and by attending music teacher association events.

I am also an apprentice yoga instructor RYT 200 with Deepen Your Yoga Practice.


Teaching Experience

Private Music Instructor at Old Boise Music Studios 2012 – Present

Private Music Instructor 2006 – 2007


Professional Affiliations

– Former Chair on the Human Resources Board, Radio Boise KRBX 89.9

– Former Co-host of the Rabble Rouser Show, Radio Boise KRBX 89.9

– Member of the American Harp Society (AHS), circa 1996

– Member of the Music Teacher’s National Association (MTNA)

– Member of the Idaho Music Teacher’s Association (IMTA)

– Member of the Treasure Valley Music Teacher’s Association (TVMTA)


Community Affiliations

– Volunteer at the Idaho Humane Society

– Volunteer at Radio Boise KRBX 89.9, our local community radio station

– Volunteer Venue Manager for Treefort Music Festival




– Graphic Design

– Social Media Marketing

– Photoshop

– Photography