Nora’s Homework

Updated 9/12

  • Generally aim to send me Tenuto practice scores by Sunday evenings so they become weekend practice habits 📲
  • Read through lesson book and practice what we went over in lesson 🎹🎵
  • Make sure to do written theory work when the books comes in 📝
  • Have fun! 🙂

Tips & Resources

Hints for remembering our note values and their names:

  • Whole Note = Whole Pizza = 4 beats
  • Half Note = Half Pizza = 2 beats
  • Quarter Note = Quarter Pizza = 1 beat
  • (We aren’t using this yet, but Eighth Note = Eighth Pizza = 1/2 beat)

Hints for remembering our keyboard note names:

  • I just started using these mnemonics a couple of years ago but they’re really handy!


  • Nora is doing an amazing job so far! It’s easy to tell she’s been working hard on learning our notes and I’m so proud of her progress ❤️👏
  • Just a reminder on which books we need📚
    • Theory (Lesson and Theory are most important if we need to space the purchases)
    • Technique
    • Performance (can wait a few weeks after technique if needed)
    • Sightreading (can wait a few weeks after technique if needed)
  • I completely understand if routine is not part of your lives right now, that is totally understandable. Hopefully practicing her piano can help provide another source of stability and emotional release with all that your family is going through. Please never worry about texting me if she needs anything! ❤️
  • Try having her show you where Middle C and F are, and which fingers are 1 and 3 to use for her Lesson book piece. Have her explain about the finger numbers for Theory page 2, how the rhythm flags on page 6 work, and what measures are (page 7). 👩‍🏫
  • If you have a chance to go over these About Me questions with her and send me her answers, I’d love to make a poster card for her this week 🙂
About Me Example