Mila’s Homework

Updated 11/15


  • Work on assignments written in her Practice Journal, and log practice time each day she plays piano. We have a chart on the studio door to keep track of each student’s first 100 days of practice, and she is supposed to have a parent’s signature each week so she get credit for her practice days. She’s signed dad’s name some weeks, but I would prefer to have a parent do it to verify the accuracy of times and to ensure her assignments are done 🎵
  • She has 4 songs to practice this week, and should be able to play through each of them a few times in around a 10-15 minute focused practice session. 2 – 3 sessions each week seems to be a great goal for her!
  • Please feel free to text me with *any* questions about her assignments, I’m happy to provide any additional guidance, including audio or video recordings.
  • Have fun! 🙂


  • I am so impressed innate musical and academic attitudes, including her reading and language skills. She’s also keen at abstract analysis at a level far beyond her age!
  • We are working on memorizing the name and meaning of the symbol for quarter notes (1 beat), half notes (2 beats), dotted half notes (3 beats), and whole notes (4 beats). Working on this recognition at home is crucial for her progress!
  • We are also working on the difference between Right Hand (RH) notes and Left Hand (LH) notes. RH note stems go up towards the high side of the keyboard, and LH stems go down towards the low side of the keyboard.
  • We are also working on maintaining a rounded hand shape for all fingers when playing, not letting our fingers flatten out as we push down on the keys. This is one of the most challenging things all new students face, but it gets easier with time as long as she has consistent reminders when she practices at home.


  • Mila has shown interest in participating in our holiday recital, and has chosen to perform Santa Claus is Coming to Town!
  • I will have a formalized print-out for her recital piece at her next lesson.
  • Due to COVID, in lieu of a traditional recital with 100+ attendees, we will be doing a “virtual” performance this year. I will be meeting with students individually in December to record a video of their piece, and then editing a movie compilation of everyone’s performances.
  • I am encouraging all students to dress up for their recording, and I love to see their festive outfits! A Santa hat would be perfect for her piece, and Christmas sweaters or any holiday attire would also be great!🎅
  • Please let me know if there questions I can answer, or anything I can do to help make Mila’s recital piece a success! 🎄