Meg & Rowan’s Homework


Updated 2/17


  • Keyboard Note Identification C-F
  • Keyboard Note Identification F-B
  • Keyboard Note Identification A-G
  • Treble + Bass Clef Guide Notes This one is a little harder than we practiced, it also includes G for the bass clef, and F for the treble clef.
  • Treble Clef C-G Just remember that going from a line or space note up to the opposite one means you’re going to the next letter. Doing the alphabet backwards down from G is also helpful ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Text me results you’re proud of for the Keyboard A-G and Treble Clef C-G exercises.
  • Work on assignments written in Practice Journal, and log your practice time each day you play piano. I promise I’m not judging! I know life is hectic, but this really helps me figure out what direction to take each week’s lesson.
  • Review the First Lesson Guide, Studio Policies, COVID-19 Policy. (I’m having everybody do that this week so we’re all on the same page.)
  • If possible, bring a 3-ring binder with matte sheet protectors and 4 dividers to your next lesson. (1 worksheet and 1 music section for each of you). We can get by without the binder for a bit if you don’t have the chance to get one this week, no worries at all!
  • Have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚



  • Keyboard Notes A-G
  • Text results she’s proud of for each of these exercises
  • Practice playing the piano part while singing the names of the letters, and quietly saying “rest” where applicable. Practice singing along with song recordings for each piece <I will send them Saturday> to learn the words. Then try to play piano while singing the lyrics. Bonus if it can be done while playing the recording, but that’s not a huge priority.
  • Complete the workbook/worksheet part of her homework.
  • Log practice time in her journal each time to reinforce her sense accomplishment when she sits down to play.

9/9 Progress Update

  • Rowan is doing great in her understanding of rhythm, especially quarter notes and rests.
  • She also knows the dynamic symbols for piano (soft), forte (loud) and how to apply that volume to her playing!
  • She is incredibly bright and I think will do really well in solidifying her keyboard notes with a little practice on Tenuto.
  • I would love to add her to our 100 days of practice chart if she’s able to log time in her journal this week.
  • We are going to start her next lesson with singing; it may help her enthusiasm if she has a reminder on the way to the studio.
  • Row can get a bit distracted sometimes, but that is completely normal! I love that she is so excited to engage and have conversations; her verbal skills are well beyond her age range. I will start reminding her about “earning” her lollipop next week to help redirect when necessary ๐Ÿ™‚