Charlie’s Homework

Updated 9/22

  • Tenuto F-B (Start with these top two until she’s feeling comfortable before moving on to all 7 keys)
  • Generally aim to send me Tenuto practice scores by Sunday evenings so they become weekend practice habits but I love getting updates on scores throughout the week. Never worry about messaging me too much 📲🙂

  • Read through practice journal notes, making sure to practice what we went over in lesson 🎹🎵 There are also written assignments in the theory book, and a worksheet to finish in the front of her pink folder. 📝
  • Try to designate a specific tote bag for her to bring music back and forth to lessons in. It can really help with the routine and to ensure nothing gets misplaced!
  • Order books (see links below)
  • Have fun! 🙂

Tips & Resources

Hints for remembering our note values and their names:

  • Whole Note = Whole Pizza = 4 beats
  • Half Note = Half Pizza = 2 beats
  • Quarter Note = Quarter Pizza = 1 beat ♩
  • (We aren’t using this yet, but Eighth Note = Eighth Pizza = 1/2 beat)

Hints for remembering our keyboard note names:

  • I just started using these mnemonics a couple of years ago but they’re really handy!


  • Charlie is doing an amazing job so far! She’s doing a great job refreshing on our notes and rhythm, and I’m so proud of her progress ❤️👏 It usually takes awhile to get to know each other but I feel like we really hit our stride today and she’s starting to feel more comfortable in lessons. Also thanks for bringing Mouse today, he’s adorable! Sorry Coconut is such a grump 🤪
  • Here’s a list of the books we need, these can be spaced out if necessary: 📚
    • Theory (Lesson and Theory are most important if we need to space the purchases)
    • Technique
    • Performance (can wait a few weeks after technique if needed)
    • Sightreading (can wait a few weeks after technique if needed)
  • Tenuto is an amazing customizable resource I use with students in lessons, and highly encourage for at-home practice. I set up their exercises in one minute increments so they can easily see progress through doing a few rounds in a row. (Similar to minute math used in classrooms for memorizing addition and multiplication tables). Screenshots or official score stats are easy to send through text on the app, or you can email them if that’s easier. The exercises can also be done in a web browser if you’d prefer not to download the app!
  • See if she can tell you about our music pizza, ideally we are going for memorizing the names and number of beats for ACHD note. Try having her show you where Middle C and F are, and see if she can tell you what mnemonics we use to remember the keys (she may need to see the mnemonic visual first). 👩‍🏫
  • If you have a chance to go over these About Me questions with her and send me her answers, I’d love to make a poster card for her this weekend 🙂
About Me Example