Cambel’s September Homework

Updated 9/9



  • Cambel is really off and running with his lessons so far! He has a great understanding of rhythm, as well as the names and meaning of the symbols for quarter notes (1 beat), half notes (2 beats), dotted half notes (3 beats), whole notes (4 beats), and quarter rests (1 beat of silence). Getting reacquainted with the dynamic symbols for piano (soft), forte (loud), and mezzo forte (moderately loud) has been a breeze. 
  • We are currently working on memorizing all the names of the staff notes for C position and G position for both the treble clef (right hand) and bass clef (left hand). His progress so far has been truly impressive!
  • Today we worked on sightreading within these notes, and it is going incredibly well. We were able to play duets together on songs he had only played through twice!
  • If possible, shoot me a text if Cambel doesn’t have his music bag that day so I can bring books from home or have another lesson planned. Today was definitely an exception, but just in case it happens to come up down the road I can try to plan accordingly.
  • He is extremely conscientious and proactive about doing his independent work, sending along his results from his Tenuto software practice, and communication in general. I’m really excited to be working with him again!