Anson’s Homework

Updated 8/31

  • Aim to send Tenuto practice scores by Sunday evenings 📲
  • Keep up pieces from last week, we’ll be working on those again next time!
  • Have fun! 🙂

Tips & Resources

  • Hint at how to align notes for this week’s homework:
Note Alignment
  • If you’d like to print more blank sheets at home, check out this site: (Be sure to not print the bass and treble clefs so you get practice writing them!)


  • Anson is moving quickly and adeptly through his pieces and making excellent progress in his studies! He asks curious and insightful questions, and displays a ready eagerness to learn and tackle new challenges.
  • Being self-taught can present many obstacles for students new to formal teaching, but Anson is rising to the occasion and has been very conscientious of improving his hand shape and technique!
  • He is an absolute joy to work with and always has a great attitude even if he’s had a hard day ❤️🙂
  • This week we took everything we’ve learned so far to a whole new level and started transcribing a piece that he had memorized previously. This is engaging his ability to analyze rhythm and note values, in addition to developing a deeper understanding of all the notations on pages of sheet music. It’s also helping to practice note recognition and placement on the staff for both bass and treble clefs!
  • Tenuto is an amazing customizable resource I use with students in lessons, and highly encourage at-home practice. I set up their exercises in one minute increments so they can easily see progress through doing a few rounds in a row. (Similar to minute math used in classrooms for memorizing addition and multiplication tables). Taking a couple of minutes throughout the week to practice the exercises makes a *huge* difference in our progress. A lot of parents find it to be a great boredom relieving activity in the car, waiting areas, while meals are cooking, etc. Towards the end of the week’s progress, screenshots or official score stats are easy to send through text me on the app, or you can email them if that’s easier. The exercises can also be done in a web browser if you’d prefer not to download the app!