Anna’s Homework

Updated 3/22



Note Rush


  • Treble Clef “guide notes” that help us figure out the others are Middle C, and Treble G which is the second line up being circled by the Treble Clef sign.
  • Bass Clef “guide notes” are Bass F (indicated by the large Bass Clef dot on the second line down and emphasized by the two dots in the surrounding spaces) and our phrase “Hey diddle diddle, D’s in the middle”, as D is on the middle line.

General Information

  • Send me scores she’s proud of for each exercise throughout the week! 🙌📲 There is a send icon when the exercise is over so scores can be easily texted or emailed 🙂
  • Practice flashcards
  • What practice routine is working for you? I would love to hear about how that’s getting settled into the family schedule.
  • Read through progress updates together and share thoughts on what we’re working on.
  • Log practice time each day she plays piano in her journal. Have a parent sign off at the end of each week before lessons 🖊️
  • Please feel free to text me with *any* questions should they arise!
  • Have fun! 🙂


  • The last few weeks we have been diving into rhythm and starting to understand how eighth notes work, which is a challenging concept. Anna’s doing a great job so far! 🙂🎹
  • We are starting Piano Adventures Level 1 today.
  • Our newest in-lesson game is called Note Rush, which reinforces which note of the keyboard is associated with the notes on the staff.
  • We are also working on getting our hands into the starting position for each piece, aiming for not needing any help. She’ll start by looking at the first note in each Clef, deciding which hand plays that, reading the finger number and then finding that note on the keyboard.
  • We are also working on developing good technique and hand position! Learning about how the muscles in our hands work and how to play with proper technique to protect our joints is an important aspect of our musicianship! It also allows us to control the dynamics we play with, which is how loud or soft the notes are played.


  • I haven’t chosen a date for our spring recital (probably the second week of May), but the theme will be “A Night at the Movies”. I’m not sure yet if we’ll be doing a “virtual” performance or in person yet. 🎞🎶
  • I’d love to start thinking about potential piece(s) that she is interested in learning! Hopefully a piece on the list grabs attention, but I am happy to make an arrangement of another piece if she’d like to do something different.
  • As we get further down the road, please let me know if there are questions I can answer, or anything I can do to help make Anna’s recital piece a success!