Gus’ Homework


  • Keyboard Note Identification A-G
  • Treble Clef C-G
  • Work on assignments written in Practice Journal, and log your practice time each day you play piano.
  • If possible, bring a tote bag with 3-ring binder with matte sheet protectors to your next lesson, along with your books and journal. We can get by without the binder for a bit if you don’t have the chance to get one this week.
  • Have a parent sign practice journal at the end of the week.
  • Have fun! 🙂

11/9 Progress Update

  • Gus has a great understanding of rhythm, as well as the names and meaning of the symbols for quarter notes (1 beat), half notes (2 beats), dotted half notes (3 beats), whole notes (4 beats), and quarter rests (1 beat of silence).
  • Gus also knows the dynamic symbols for piano (soft), forte (loud), and mezzo forte (moderately loud).
  • His progress with learning all of the keyboard note names is going really well!
  • If possible, shoot me a text as early as possible if Gus doesn’t have his music bag that day so I can bring books from home or have another lesson planned.
  • He is bright and enthusiastic, and an absolute joy to work with!